The River City Archery Club is an independent podcast network hosted out of St. Louis, Missouri.



Hosts: Kae Grossman, Brittny Walker
Schedule: Bi-weekly (odd weeks), Fridays

Are you tired of guys “mansplaining” to you what it means to be a proper woman? Kae and Brittny are re-purposing the term to do the opposite: explain what it means to be a proper man. Mansplaining is a gender-aware explication of hyper-masculinity informed by popular culture. For the first season, Kae and Brittny are examining a familiar source of popular conceptions of manhood: 1980s action movies. Episodes run between 30 to 45 minutes, focusing on one film.

Latest Episodes

The Print ‘n Play Cast

Hosts: Ian McDonald, Ryan Walker
Schedule: Bi-weekly (even weeks), Fridays

The Print ‘n Play Cast is a podcast dedicated to analyzing, reviewing, and enjoying print-and-play board games. Unsure what that means? Like Ian and Ryan say at the top of every episode, print-and-play board games are games where the designer (usually an independent, amateur designer) posts all the files needed to play the game online, where users can then print it out, cut it out, and play it. Episodes run between 45 minutes to an hour, usually covering one or two games.

Latest Episodes

Questbound and Down

Host GM: Jacob Roman
Schedule: Weekly, Wednesdays

Loaded up and truckin’! Questbound and Down is an actual-play podcast performed by the River City Archery Club players. That is to say, it’s just the gang playin’ tabletop RPGs. The main campaign for season one is Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. Jacob is GMing, with Brittny, Ian, Kae, Ryan, and Savannah doing the best they can to flummox and embarrass him. Please do not write about what we get right and wrong about Star Wars canon, any comments or e-mail with the word “canon” in it get routed immediately to the garbage compactor on the detention level.

Latest Episodes